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RAK and more mail .. 27/08/2009

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.. today was a great mail day. I never got so many nice things on the same day, I don’t think.

Let’s start with the ravelry RAK from startare, who is from France. She sent me some lovely lavender, a pin cushion that is just adorable and a recipe for lavender cookies.

Gift received from startare, France :)

The next thing came from The Loopy Ewe. I still had 25 bucks store credit, so I thought I’d use to buy a hank of ShiBuiKnits to finish my Ishbel (which was finished without the extra yarn) and two Cookie A. patterns (this and that). When the package came, I wondered why it was so huge. Those three things could not possible take up that much space … I opened it up and saw a Loopy Ewe Tote Bag, a calender, a sock pattern and some yarn for free !!!! I was really thrilled:

"Gift" from Loopy Ewe - quite pleased :)

And last, but certainly not least my lovely bag and stitch markers from MDKnits came today, too! The STASH worthy bag is just wonderful. You can see better photos on their page. The stitch markers are the best. There’s no little whole in the loop where the yarn can pass through.

Beautiful STASH bag from MDKnits together with some lovely stitch markers


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