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DONE – Christmas Deco Hats 19/12/2009

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I just finished six Christmas hats. It was a quick and fun knit 🙂

When the first hat was done, I thought it’d be a perfect match for our Snoopy’s head – and it was!! Look at his mean face. He’s so cute, and yet if his looks could kill …

Santa Bun does not think you deserve a gift

Here are the other hats on the table together with our other deco 🙂

Deco Hats

Pattern: Egg Warmers by DROPS Design.
Yarn used: Wölle Rödel Toscana in red, ca. 80 m  – and – Schachenmayr nomotta Brazilia in white, ca. 48 m


One Response to “DONE – Christmas Deco Hats”

  1. Gabriella Says:

    I love Snoopy in his Christmas do! How is he? Miss Eve and Neville send snorgles and ear rubs 🙂

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