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WIP – Doggy Afghan (Day 7) 07/05/2010

Filed under: Sewing — SelinaMakesIt @ 18:11

I used yesterday to cut the outer border and it was a real pain. I had a hard time drawing straight lines that were almost 1.90m, but I somehow managed to not screw up too bad.

Today, I was home from work early, as every Friday. I went straight to my quilt and started sewing the outer border to the inside. It went alright. The laying together of the back, padding and top was a little tricky, but after an hour of pinning and guesstimated hundreds of needles I had it right. I managed to sew the outside border shot today and will hopefully finish the rest tomorrow.

Snoopy just had to check out the quilt and approved of it, I think. Of course, he was mad not to see a single rabbit on it.



2 Responses to “WIP – Doggy Afghan (Day 7)”

  1. We too approve of your afghan…it is beautiful! Still, you could have added a bunny somewhere 😉

  2. linabear82 Says:

    thanks 🙂 Next time there might be a rabbit quilt 😉

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