Furballs and Yarnballs

Plant update 10/04/2011

Filed under: gardening — SelinaMakesIt @ 17:30

Today was the big re-potting day 😉 Lots of plants got their well deserved bigger homes. From right to left: Peppermint, lemon/orange, Kiwi and Benjamini

Peppermint seedlings got replanted - 10.04.2011 lemon and orange - 10.04.2011 Kiwi seedlings - 10.04.2011 Benjamini replanted - 10.04.2011

The peppermint plants are barely growing, so I figured they’re in for a replant as well as a little fertilizer. Let’s hope that will help them to grow, I love peppermint tea. I have one orange twin (two plants from on seed) and a lemon seed that lots at least 3 seedlings from one seed. Let’s see how they’re doing. The kiwi seeds stopped growing, too, so they got the same treatment as the peppermints. So let’s see how this journey keeps going 🙂


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