Furballs and Yarnballs

Seeds 16/04/2011

Filed under: gardening — SelinaMakesIt @ 16:17

I re-potted the tomato plants today. They were quite big for their little pot so now they have a pot a lot bigger than the other one. Eventually they will be treated to their own pot, but not until they’re big enough to be outside.

Tomato in their new pot - 16.04.2011

Here are some updated photos of my other plants, from right to left: Apple seedling (from an apple we ate wit Snoopy), Mango seedling (which is finally starting to grow) and the lemon/orange seedlings.

Apple Seedling - 16.04.2011 Mango - 16.04.2011 lemon and orange - 16.04.2011

I am a little sad that my peppermint seedlings are not growing. They’re still the same as last weekend and barely any different than the weekend before. I did fertilize them and everything 😦 I’d have loved to have my own peppermint plant …


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