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Snoopy has a leash! 03/07/2011

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I and my two boys have been on vacation for a week and a half at my parents. They have a huge yard, so Snoopy got to hang out in his outside cage lots of days. I spent a lot of times in the pet store / garden center across from my parents backyard. They had rabbit leashed with pirate skulls on it – and I thought they were neat, but I did not think about getting one. The next day, hubby and I decided to try to leash the bunny monster and see what happens. When we got there, the pirate leash was gone 😦 they did have one that said carrot killer .. think it looks good next to Snoopy?

Carrot Killer - 26.06.2011

Snoopy was very nice about having it put on him, so I took him for a walk. He did enjoy the walk and was hopping around EVERYWHERE in my parents yard and  the business part of the property. Here is Snoopy and me walking around in the yard together

Walkin with me on the leash - 25.06.2011

Snoopy sitting in and eating clover. He loves them.

Sitting in a field of clover, eating - 01.07.2011


2 Responses to “Snoopy has a leash!”

  1. I think Carrot Killer suits Snoopy just fine :)))
    I am impressed how good Snoopy does with the harness… I am not so sure that Neville would enjoy being tethered… as he has the run of the house when he’s out of the crate, he is used to hop in and out of the house, in the back garden, at his own leasure, and a leash would be probably seen as a restrain. Of course I cannot be sure until I try it… maybe if we were to take Neville on a holiday with us (in the UK only, due to the quarantine laws) I would be giving it a go 🙂

  2. linabear82 Says:

    Snoopy has a 2x2m “cage” at my parents outside. They own a rather large property, but 2/3 of it is business related and there are cars around. If Snoopy was on the lose, there would be barely a chance to catch him. I guess in Snoopy’s case the leash gives him more freedom, that is why he likes it. He got to hop around at places he had not seen there before. … I do agree that Neville would probably see it was punishment though.

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