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Snoopy’s sick :( 20/09/2011

Filed under: bunny — SelinaMakesIt @ 18:15

I took Snoopy to the vet because he seemed to have a wet nose (which i noticed a few days ago too but it had seemed to disappear) and to cut his claws. Turns out he has a tooth infection and must take antibiotics as well as some probiotics. Next week he’ll be checked out again.

I feel horrible because I don’t know how long he had this infection 😦 I hope he did not hurt too bad before he got help. If you can spare a prayer/good vibes/wishes, please send them Snoopy’s way. Thanks 🙂

Here is a pic of Snoopy disapproving of his medicine:

Snoopy with his medicine - 20.09.2011


4 Responses to “Snoopy’s sick :(”

  1. Kiki Haas Says:

    best wishes, cuddles and noesbumps from my two & me – get well soon, little bun.

  2. gabriella Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of Snoopy’s health problems, hopefully he’s doing better now. Neville sends nose bumps, he is ill as well and currently at my friend’s while I’m in Germany. Sending healing vibes to both, x

  3. linabear82 Says:

    Thanks! He will go to the VET tomorrow so hopefully he gets a clean bill of health …

    Gabriella, what’s wrong with poor Neville? We’re sending healing thoughts Neville’s way (hugs)

  4. Poor guy! I hope he feels better soon! My bun Fluffy hated her meds lol..

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