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WIP – Japanese Box (first finish) 25/09/2011

Filed under: bunny,stitching — SelinaMakesIt @ 18:21

Woohoo! After four years of working on the body of the Japanese Box, I finally finished it. I am very happy that I am finally done with this part – now off to the lid …

Vacation September 2011 (2160)

here is a pic of Snoopy checking if the stitching is up to his standards …

Vacation September 2011 (2157)


2 Responses to “WIP – Japanese Box (first finish)”

  1. It’s fantastic, looks beautiful…but I am even more pleased to see Snoopy – he is looking quite well, is he still getting medicine for his tooth infection? noserubs to him, and kisses on the floppy ears G xxx

  2. linabear82 Says:

    Snoopy never looked sick at all. He was a little wet at the right nose slit one day, and since he was due to get his claws trimmed we took him to the vet. She saw that one of his teeth was infected and got him medicine. I am really scared about how little sick he seemed/seems. He never stopped eating, pooping or drinking and was his hoppy self the entire time. He was at the vet today again and the vet was pleased with the healing progress, but bunny is not yet 100% well 😦 He got three more servings of antibiotics and is due to go back to the vet on Thursday.

    I hope he will be recovered by the weekend, so I can take him home – he is at my parents house since that is where I was when I took him to the vet. Poor little guy.

    Thanks so much for your comment. How’s Neville?

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