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Snoopy recovered :) 05/10/2011

Filed under: bunny — SelinaMakesIt @ 20:10

I caught a nasty cold, so I make this short and sweet: Snoopy recovered from his tooth infection. The tooth is now at an angle, but it is not so bad yet that it needs filing or pulling out. Hopefully it will stay like or gets better. Either way, he got a clean bill of health. I am very happy 🙂 … and so is Snoopy not having to take meds anymore or needing to go to the vet for a while 🙂

Here is him showing some bunnitude to hubby taking a picture:

Snoopy with bunnitude - 04.10.2011

Thank you all who were praying and sending good vibes for my little guy. You all helped him get better and I am very grateful 🙂


One Response to “Snoopy recovered :)”

  1. Ness Says:

    Yay for Snoopy!

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