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Hi, I am still alive!! 17/12/2011

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Wow, I could not believe it when I looked at my blog and saw that the last post was in October! So what happened? Hubby and I moved, had a ton of things to do and are now finally getting back to a normal life. I am happy that I only have to work five more days and then have two weeks off from work.

Snoopy just had an abscess removal surgery – poor little guy. He came out fine, but since it was only this Tuesday he is still grumpy and tired. He does eat and can hop around, so that’s good. He will have to take antibiotics for a longer period of time. Here is a photo of him 20 mins after he came home from the vet:

Snoopy 30 mins after we picked him up from the vet - 13.12.2011

First thing he did when coming home was running around the apartment, then he went to his cage to poop and eat some hay – heheh.

I hope the next update won’t be that long .. I have some crafty things to show 😉


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