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Snoopy’s Christmas Pictures 17/12/2011

Filed under: bunny — SelinaMakesIt @ 17:59

Today, while Snoopy took a nap, it was decided that it is time for the Christmas pictures.

the first one is when he just was awaking up from his nap. He likes sleeping next to the coin jars. He might plan his escape …

Snoopy checking his money - 17.12.2011

The next one, he is checking out the tree I put next to him. It’s a tiny tree, but looks like Snoopy is huge 😉 He liked that.

Checking out the tree - 17.12.2011

After a while, he got tired of the hat and shook it off.

Not so excited about the hat - 17.12.2011

Here is the best one, I think. Snoopy with the coin jar and the tree wearing the hat 🙂

Snoopy celebrating pre-Christmas - 17.12.2011


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