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My poor baby bunny :( 21/01/2012

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Snoopy was very healthy until he turned 5 last September. He only went about 3 times to the vet in 5 years. Then he had a wet nose slit and was brought to the vet. Turned out he had an tooth infection. After a round of Baytril, he was doing better … until November, when he had a lump (abscess) on his cheek. They squeezed it out and he seemed to be fine. The lump grew very big by early December, so he had to have surgery to remove it. He recovered very well and was his bouncy self in no time ….

until last week, when his lump grew over night twice the size. He had his tooth removed on Monday. It turned out of root of the tooth and part of his jaw bone was already infected and would not have gotten better if the tooth stayed. He is not recovering very well from this surgery. His cheek is swollen and he needs to go back to the vet this Monday. My poor little guy. I am heartbroken about his troubles 😦 I barely slept all night worrying 😦

Here is a photo of my little guy flopped in his tent yesterday to take a little nap:

Flopped in his tent


2 Responses to “My poor baby bunny :(”

  1. Hi,
    I am so sorry to hear about poor Snoopy. It breaks my heart that he’s not getting better. Good luck and I’m thinking of you guys – all the way from South Africa. I really hope that Snoopy grows stronger and gets better quickly.

  2. Ness Says:

    Poor Snoopers. He’s in our thoughts.

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