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Snoopy likes to help 28/01/2012

Filed under: bunny — SelinaMakesIt @ 07:03

I’d like to thank you all for your get-well-soon messages you posted for us. Snoopy seems to be on the mend – he’s hopping everywhere, eats and cuddles just like always. His lump is shrinking. It seemed to have gone down in size at least 70%, but it is still here. Hopefully he will continue to recovery.

Here is Snoopy who was trying to help me wrapping my weaving loom for the next project 🙂 Needless to say, he chinned and tried to chew on the loom already ..

Snoopy and the loom - 28.01.2012


2 Responses to “Snoopy likes to help”

  1. It’s so good to see him active again and getting well, he’s just so cute 🙂
    I am envious…you got a loom and can weave! I think I need a bigger house to fit in a loom, it would be a good way to use all the yarn I have :))

    • linabear82 Says:

      Yeah, he’s a real trooper not letting anything get in his way 🙂

      The loom is not that big – its about 60 on 60 cm. I think Ashford is making one that is foldable (knitters loom). Mine does not fold, though. It’s really fun though.

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