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Monday Bunday – with Snoopy 19/03/2012

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Life is busy and weird lately. Snoopy had another abscess surgery on the 8th March at a different and recovered just fine. They flush the wound and put antibiotics in locally. We hope that this is finally working out for him.

Here is a photo of Snoopy eating carrot peels. Whenever I cut veggies for dinner or soup, Snoopy is always around and demanding to eat the left overs. There is no way to ignore him. He will climb all over me to get his share. If nothing helps, he will go as far as jumping on the table to get what he wants.

carrot peels!! - 17.03.2012


One Response to “Monday Bunday – with Snoopy”

  1. Ness Says:

    He’s such a sweetie! We have our fingers crossed for him!

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