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Easter Nail Art 2012 06/04/2012

Filed under: nail art — SelinaMakesIt @ 18:33

I have not shown any nail art in a while – in fact I have not even posted on here. Sorry guys. I have not done much crafting lately and have been pretty busy also.

A year or so ago, I read about how you can transfer letters from newspapers onto your nail by using alcohol. I tried it out back then and it did work. Now with Easter here, I wondered if I can transfer print outs as well. And guess what, it works! It’s not as easy as newspaper and I had to try it at least a dozen times because everything needs to be done with perfect timing or it does not work .. but I finally was able to do it well enough to keep it 🙂

Here is the big pic with Snoopy on the thump, some flowers and Easter eggs on the other fingers.

The whole set - 06.04.2012

Easter Nails with Snoopy - 06.04.2012           Another Angle - 06.04.2012          Same look on his face as the nail art - 06.04.2012


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