Furballs and Yarnballs

Snoopy guarding his food dish 23/09/2012

Filed under: bunny — SelinaMakesIt @ 15:44

Apparently, humans LOVE eating bunny food. I always thought it was a Snoopy-related thing, but other bunny owners talk about the same behavior: Snoopy thinks us humans are eating his stuff. Whenever he is given a treat, he not just runs but FLICKS off to a location where he feels it’s save to eat the treat. We never have taken anything away from him that we just handed out. We can play a game of keep following him and he will hop off until he stop or we found a good spot. It’s really funny.

Here is a picture of him this morning, when he was napping next to his food dish making sure no one steels his pellets.
Guarding his food dish while resting

And here is another photo of him, standing up for a dandelion leaf:

Standing up for a tasty treat :)


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