Furballs and Yarnballs

DONE – Hat for hubby 03/01/2013

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my first finish for the year! It is a hat I started for my husband last year.

Hubby's hat

Pattern: Eric’s Hat by Traci Heiner
Yarn used: unknown sock yarn
Yarn amount: 41g or about 174m


DONE – Two atumn-y scarves 30/12/2012

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Look at my new finish, made one as a Christmas gift and one to keep for ourselves. Here are the work in progress photos while I was weaving them:

Autumny Scarves first day     Autumny Scarves such pretty colours

Here are the finished pieces. Really love them:
Autumny Scarves - almost done


DONE – Hubby’s woven scarf 26/12/2012

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I finished a scarf for my hubby – made from sock yarn. Now I am working on matching hat

Hubby's scarf


DONE – Lady Sunshine Gloves 09/12/2012

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Yay, after months of knitting on those, I finally finished something – the Lady Sunshine gloves. They’re so pretty 🙂

Lady Sunshine      Lady Sunshine



FINISHED – XS Bunny 19/09/2012

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I have a finish!!! In cross stitch!! It’s so hard to believe that i actually finished something 🙂 I’m very happy. I have not yet decided what I’ll do with the finished piece, but here is a photo:

Bunny is done - 19.09.2012

And, of course, Snoopy had to have his picture taken with the new guy, too:

Snoopy checking out the bunny - 19.09.2012


FINISHED – Utsukusshi 16/09/2012

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Woohoo, finishethey first shawl out of handspun yarn 🙂 it turned out very light and pretty 🙂

Utsukushii is done - 16.09.2012

I tired to get a photo of it with Snoopy, but it did not work out that well, so here is Snoopy (with a little of the shawl in the background)

Snoopy and Utsukushii - 16.09.2012


FINISHED – Woven Scarf 27/01/2012

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Life has been really busy again, so I did not even get to talk about my latest hobby – weaving. In September, hubby gave me an Ashford loom for our anniversairy. I did not get to use it since that was the time we moved. Now I finally managed to start weaving. My first project was a plain scarf.


I used three rows of knots for the ends because it looked really cute and crochet around the border to hide not so nice edges most beginner weavers have. The scarf turned out lovely.