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This is my 200th Post!!!! 29/08/2011

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Yay! So I decided to add a little bit of something to this post πŸ™‚

First of all, I’d like to tell you all that Snoopy made it to The Daily Bunny a few days ago with his adorable sleeping photo. You can see the photo here πŸ™‚ Hubby thought it would be fun if we stuck some carot pieces into Snoopy’s wooden ball. We give the ball to him and off he took with it behind the table. Here is a photo of him with his wooden ball:

Snoopy with his wooden ball - 29.08.2011

I also finished a pair of socks, that will be Christmas gifts – so I have 2 out of 10 socks done (or 1 out of 5 pairs). I hope I will be able to finish the ones that will go to the US in middle of October, but hubby, bunny and I will be moving in the next few months, so I must hurry … anyway, here is the photo (more like a teaser ;))

Plain Socks - 24.08.2011

As usual, once I am happy with my at least one of them will break and I will have to file them short. This time was no exception. I got to keep the rectangle shape but they’re shorter – and not so nice in shape as they were. Can’t wait until they’re longer again and I can file a nicer shape. Here is a picture of how nice they looked in blue with white stickers – which sadly lasted only 20 hours 😦 – before I had to shorten everything:

Nail Art Blue White

I did not get to do a lot with my plants lately and I must admit that I did call some of them. However, I can proudly say that my Vanilla plant is doing very well and growing fast. I did a little climbing triangle for it to grow even higher πŸ™‚

Vanilla Plant - 29.08.2011

Well that pretty much wraps it all up πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoyed my 200th post πŸ™‚


Plant Update 15/06/2011

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I have not talked about my plants in a while. I am just too busy to write much.

I happy to report that my peppermint is doing very well and we hope that we can harvest some tea later this year (we can’t wait :))

Peppermint - 15.06.2011

Our watermelon and tomato plant is doing very well, too.

IMG_0806 watermelon - 15.06.2011 Tomato plant - 15.06.2011 Little tomatos - 15.06.2011


DONE – Cauchy 12/06/2011

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I finished the Cauchy socks just now while waiting if the F1 race is being re-started not.


in the background, you can see our watermelon plant that has lots of blossoms and even tiny water melons already πŸ™‚


Plant update 25/04/2011

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We have a fly/bug invasion outside which sadly hurt our strawberry plants. We bought yellow stickers and sand to help, so we will see if we can save them or need to throw them out. Here are two new plants we just got, one Cola-Plant and a red peppermint plant – both already protected by the sand and yellow sticker.

Cola plant and red peppermint plant - 25.04.2011

The peppermint seedlings are finally growing, though still really slow. Hope we will ever be able to have tea from them πŸ™‚

Peppermint seedlings are finally picking up growing - 25.04.2011

From right to left, the lemon and orange seedlings, kiwi and pumpkin seedlings and then the GrΓΌnlilie.

Orange and lemon seedlings - 25.04.2011 Kiwi in front, pumpkin seedlings in the back - 25.04.2011 GrοΏ½nlilie doing pretty well - 25.04.2011


Seeds 16/04/2011

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I re-potted the tomato plants today. They were quite big for their little pot so now they have a pot a lot bigger than the other one. Eventually they will be treated to their own pot, but not until they’re big enough to be outside.

Tomato in their new pot - 16.04.2011

Here are some updated photos of my other plants, from right to left: Apple seedling (from an apple we ate wit Snoopy), Mango seedling (which is finally starting to grow) and the lemon/orange seedlings.

Apple Seedling - 16.04.2011 Mango - 16.04.2011 lemon and orange - 16.04.2011

I am a little sad that my peppermint seedlings are not growing. They’re still the same as last weekend and barely any different than the weekend before. I did fertilize them and everything 😦 I’d have loved to have my own peppermint plant …


Plant update 10/04/2011

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Today was the big re-potting day πŸ˜‰ Lots of plants got their well deserved bigger homes. From right to left: Peppermint, lemon/orange, Kiwi and Benjamini

Peppermint seedlings got replanted - 10.04.2011 lemon and orange - 10.04.2011 Kiwi seedlings - 10.04.2011 Benjamini replanted - 10.04.2011

The peppermint plants are barely growing, so I figured they’re in for a replant as well as a little fertilizer. Let’s hope that will help them to grow, I love peppermint tea. I have one orange twin (two plants from on seed) and a lemon seed that lots at least 3 seedlings from one seed. Let’s see how they’re doing. The kiwi seeds stopped growing, too, so they got the same treatment as the peppermints. So let’s see how this journey keeps going πŸ™‚


Seed update 02/04/2011

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Our plants had a hard week since both of us were barely home. Most of them did ok even with less water and less care, but I think my big lemon seedling might have not survived 😦  The Mango root (sadly no leaves or stem yet), Vanilla, Tea and Benjaminis are doing great.

Here is an updated photo of the sage (right), Kiwi (middle) and tomato (right) seedlings:

Sage plants - 03.04.2011 Kiwi Seedlings - 03.04.2011 Tomatos - 04.03.2011

I don’t know if I will plant some more seeds today or sometime during the week. I have really great seeds that I got from the RAK, so I cannot wait πŸ™‚