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Seedling update 27/03/2011

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The sage is doing quite well. They got a leave pair during last week and smell nicely like sage. I am rather pleased and looking forward to see how they develop during the next weeks ..

Sage seedlings are going strong -27.03.2011

The tomato seedlings are growing nicely, too. They’re not growing so fast, but have already three leaves and hopefully will grow more 🙂

Three tomato plants that I re-planted a couple of days ago -27.03.2011

And to end this post, I added a photo of my freshly sprouted Kiwi (left), tiny peppermint (middle) and lemon (right)

Kiwi seeds sprouted! -27.03.2011 Tiny peppermint plants -27.03.2011 Lemon! -27.03.2011


Seed update 20/03/2011

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Sadly, I planted the salad seeds while it was still too dark outside and alas they did not work out 😦 I might plant some more in two weeks – by then the light conditions should be better. Luckily, the sage plants took a while and now they’re doing alright now. I just re-planted them and hope they’ll grow nicely:

Sage seedlings - 20.02.2011

Last weekend, I planted a Mango seed from a Mango we ate. The root is starting to grow and by now is about 0.5 inches (left). The peppermint is a rather slow grower – they’re still tiny little (right). I do hope, however, that the plants will eventually grow. I love peppermint tea and would love to drink it from our own plant.

Mango I planted last week is getting a root - 20.02.2011 Mini peppermint seedlings - 20.02.2011

And last, but not least, I want to show you one of my three Benjamini plants I planted from cut offs at work. It is doing quite well. When I planted it last year, it only had four leaves and now there are various small leaves.

Benjamini I planted from office cut off - 20.02.2011


Seeds are sprouting!! 10/03/2011

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So, after waiting a couple of days the first seeds showed their faces to us. Tiny little tomato plants on the left and even tinier sage plants on the right:

Tiny little Tomatoe Plants - 09.03.2011 The sage is sprouting, too - 09.03.2011

Today was the arrival of our green tea plant and our bourbon vanilla plant, which are both very cute:

Vanilla and tea plant - 10.03.2011


First seeds for 2011 27/02/2011

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I planted savage, peppermint, salad, lemon and tomato for us. Then I made planted some spinach and clovers for Snoopy.

Planted on the 27.02.2011