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Christmas SWAP 29/12/2011

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Look what Sarah from the US sent me as my Christmas SWAP items 🙂 Aren’t they all wonderful? There is a bunny pattern, ornaments, floss bobbins, floss, a bookmark kit, a seam ripper, soap and so much more. It’s all so pretty and I am very happy 🙂

Christmas SWAP package from Sarah

Do you see Snoopy in the background? I thought this was hilariously funny.


RAK from Germany 19/06/2011

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I received a lovely RAK from Irina in Germany today. Love the colours and can’t wait to knit socks out of them 🙂

RAK from Erratic, Germany


RAK from Germany and Finnland 17/03/2011

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I received two wonderful RAKs from kind ravelres.

Raks from Zoi Germany (left) and Lidija (right)

Zoi from Germany sent me edible flower seeds. And Lidija send me 6 different seeds, incl. parsley for Snoopy, two different kinds of chili, one pumpkin, one salad and basil. I can’t wait to try all those lovely seeds 🙂


RAKs 08/01/2010

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I was lucky to receive three (!!!) packages the last two days. All three ladies certainly out-did themselves 🙂

One came all the way from Beligum and contained lots of sock yarn left overs, chocolate, teas, a set of stitch markers and a lovely card – see here:

RAK from Line, Belgium

Another one came all the way from the Netherlands which included sock yarn left overs, teas and a lovely card:

RAK from Annemieke, The Netherlands

And the third one came from Germany and included two skeins of pretty sock yarn, teas and and a nice card:

RAK from Dany, Germany

I was really blessed to receive such wonderful RAKs. I already started using the sock yarns into my blanket and will show photos soon 🙂 🙂


RAK Day! 04/11/2009

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Today I came home from work to two sweet envelops.

One came all the way from Denmark. Snoopy is going to be thrilled 🙂 Thanks to Mickey for the lovely surprise 🙂

RAK from Mikey, Denmark :-)

The other one came from Sweden. Thanks to Lillemor for the wonderful smelling lavender tea 🙂

RAK from Limmor, Sweden :)


RAK from Judy, UK 15/09/2009

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A fellow raveler, Judy from the UK, was so kind to send me a lovely RAK. It contained a lovely soap, a beautiful crocheted dish cloth and some dried papaya.

RAK from Judy, UK (09/2009)

Thanks Judy, we love your package. You brightened our day 🙂


RAK from Domic, Germany 29/08/2009

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Today was yet another great mail day, as I got a RAK from a fellow German raveler Domic – who happenes to live in the town I will be working in soon 🙂 She was so kind and sent me some lovely lavender (one can NEVER have enough lavender, trust me) and a lovely photo of a blooming lavender 🙂

RAK from Domic, Germany

I already removed the little blossoms from the stem and added them to my ever-growing box of lavender. Thank you, Domic 🙂