Furballs and Yarnballs

DONE – Hat for hubby 03/01/2013

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my first finish for the year! It is a hat I started for my husband last year.

Hubby's hat

Pattern: Eric’s Hat by Traci Heiner
Yarn used: unknown sock yarn
Yarn amount: 41g or about 174m


DONE – Lady Sunshine Gloves 09/12/2012

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Yay, after months of knitting on those, I finally finished something – the Lady Sunshine gloves. They’re so pretty 🙂

Lady Sunshine      Lady Sunshine



FINISHED – Utsukusshi 16/09/2012

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Woohoo, finishethey first shawl out of handspun yarn 🙂 it turned out very light and pretty 🙂

Utsukushii is done - 16.09.2012

I tired to get a photo of it with Snoopy, but it did not work out that well, so here is Snoopy (with a little of the shawl in the background)

Snoopy and Utsukushii - 16.09.2012


FINISHED – Woody 20/01/2012

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I finished the Woody’s. They turned out lovely.



WIP – Woody 08/01/2012

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I am working on a KAL from Laris Designs. The first glove is done, turned out lovely and fits perfectly 🙂



DONE – Plain Socks 05/09/2011

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Woohoo! I finished the second pair of socks out of the five I need to knit for Christmas 🙂 The left over yarn for guy socks is always so few, it’s pretty neat. I’d need to knit knee stockings for myself to get everything out of a skein of yarn 😉 Anyway, here is a sneak peack:

Another pair of socks done


This is my 200th Post!!!! 29/08/2011

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Yay! So I decided to add a little bit of something to this post 🙂

First of all, I’d like to tell you all that Snoopy made it to The Daily Bunny a few days ago with his adorable sleeping photo. You can see the photo here 🙂 Hubby thought it would be fun if we stuck some carot pieces into Snoopy’s wooden ball. We give the ball to him and off he took with it behind the table. Here is a photo of him with his wooden ball:

Snoopy with his wooden ball - 29.08.2011

I also finished a pair of socks, that will be Christmas gifts – so I have 2 out of 10 socks done (or 1 out of 5 pairs). I hope I will be able to finish the ones that will go to the US in middle of October, but hubby, bunny and I will be moving in the next few months, so I must hurry … anyway, here is the photo (more like a teaser ;))

Plain Socks - 24.08.2011

As usual, once I am happy with my at least one of them will break and I will have to file them short. This time was no exception. I got to keep the rectangle shape but they’re shorter – and not so nice in shape as they were. Can’t wait until they’re longer again and I can file a nicer shape. Here is a picture of how nice they looked in blue with white stickers – which sadly lasted only 20 hours 😦 – before I had to shorten everything:

Nail Art Blue White

I did not get to do a lot with my plants lately and I must admit that I did call some of them. However, I can proudly say that my Vanilla plant is doing very well and growing fast. I did a little climbing triangle for it to grow even higher 🙂

Vanilla Plant - 29.08.2011

Well that pretty much wraps it all up 🙂 I hope you enjoyed my 200th post 🙂