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DONE – iPad case 31/10/2010

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Woohoo – it’s done!! Our iPad is now safely into its own case, which fits rather nicely and looks alright too 🙂




WIP – iPad case 29/10/2010

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I finally got back into the swing of sewing. A few weeks ago hubby and I got an iPad. It is really neat, but we did not get a case and it needs one. Today, I finally searched the web and thought a lovely, easy case.

Here’s my little rabbit sitting on the WIP:


Here’s a photo of the case without the bunny:



100th Post!!!! 31/07/2010

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Are you as excited as I am? I certainly hope so 🙂 Let’s see how many finishes I get to share with you, so be prepared for lots of pictures.

Here’s the fabric basket that I finished ages ago:

I also finished a pair of socks for my dad:
Socks for my dad's birthday

I started a new pair of socks:
sock alert

As well as a kindle cover for my kindle, that’s still a work in progress at this point:

Last, but certainly not least – here’s a cute photo of Snoopy, the bunny:


WIP – Doggy Fabric Basket 28/06/2010

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Here’s my latest sewing project:


It’s going to be a fabric basket 🙂


DONE – Doggy Project Bag 20/06/2010

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Woohoo – it’s done. After yesterday’s annoyance, today’s sewing went smoothly. There are two things that went bad: 1. my interfacing was too thick and too loose and 2. due the no. 1 the triangles were near to impossible to make the same size which resulted in an uneven shape. A different kind of zipper would have been better, too, but it’s no real problem. Luckily, none of the mentioned before really made the bag too bad.

P6200207 P6200208

Snoopy did not approve of yet another non-rabbit sewing project:



WIP – Doggy Project Bag 19/06/2010

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I know, I know … everything I sewed so far has been full of doggies. Mostly because after the doggy afghan I still have fabrics left over. Also, I have yet to come across lovely fabrics for rabbits. If anyone knows anything, please let me know.

I am sewing on a knitting project bag for myself. Hubby bought the zipper one day he went to town a while ago. Today I finally started and it did not go too well. Two needles of the sewing machine broke and I had to rip a seam due to it looking really bad and my thread keeps breaking.

I finally gave up and decided it was time to work some on hubby’s socks – so hopefully those won’t get screwed up ….


DONE – Doggy Table Runner 12/06/2010

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Hubby and me bought a Chest of Drawers today in one of the cheap IKEA-like places. It was pretty heavy to carry and a real pain to assemble, but now it’s done and we’re quite pleased. See here with our bunny:

The top looks so blank, that I figured I could sew a little table runner with doggies to make it nice.  As usual, the sewing machine gave me a bunch of troubles, but now it works fine and I sewed and ironed the runner in no time.

Table runner

and here’s a little close up on the doggies:

Close up on the doggies