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FINISHED – XS Bunny 19/09/2012

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I have a finish!!! In cross stitch!! It’s so hard to believe that i actually finished something 🙂 I’m very happy. I have not yet decided what I’ll do with the finished piece, but here is a photo:

Bunny is done - 19.09.2012

And, of course, Snoopy had to have his picture taken with the new guy, too:

Snoopy checking out the bunny - 19.09.2012


WIP – XS bunny 16/09/2012

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Finally, after weeks of not stitching, I picked up my little bunny again. I was planing on stitching a bunny pattern by fellow raveler vilje, but figured I need to finish this one first. Naturally, half the floss went missing in action so I need to look around in my craft room soon 🙂

XS bunny in progress


WIP – Bunny 11/03/2012

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I finally picked up some stitching again – yay. I did not get to work on it too long, but here is the progress:

Bunny - 11.03.2012


Finished Japanese Box 07/01/2012

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After five years of stitching and four days of finishing, I am finally all done with my Japanese Box. Here is a pic of the beauty:


I am not 100% satisfied with the finishing. I did not do as good of a job as I could have done. It still turned out fairly well.

IMG_4769   IMG_4772   IMG_4771

Now what should I do next …


Day 1 of finishing the Japanese Box 03/01/2012

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So, all stitching on the box is done. Now I am working on the finishing of it.

I gathered all the stitching and finishing supplies to spread them on the floor. Look how Snoopy is trying to help by sitting on everything and chewing on the cardboard that I need – thanks Snoops.

Snoopy helping - 03.01.2012

Here is the progress after day 1 of the finishing. I am not pleased with how the connection between the two sides turned out, but will be able to improve it when I sew through it a second time. Other than that it’s really great 🙂

it's so cute - 03.01.2012


WIP – Japanese Box 30/12/2011

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I finished all the cross stitching and back stitching on the lid. Only the beading left 🙂

Stitching and back stitching all done - 29.12.2011


WIP – Japanese Box XS done :) 27/12/2011

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Yay, I finished all the cross stitching on my box lid. Now off to the back stitching and beading. Maybe it will be done afterall …

Cross Stitch all done - 27.12.2011