Furballs and Yarnballs

Snoopy at the vet :) 20/09/2012

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I took my little guy to the vet today. He got his claws trimmed, his myxomatosis shot and a check up. The vet is pleased with his general health 🙂 So happy that there were only good news for my little sweetie.

No need to say, he was totally upset at the spa treatment he got:

Snoopy at the vet - 20.09.2012


He is sulking in his cage now and ate two carrot tops I gave him when we got back


FINISHED – XS Bunny 19/09/2012

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I have a finish!!! In cross stitch!! It’s so hard to believe that i actually finished something 🙂 I’m very happy. I have not yet decided what I’ll do with the finished piece, but here is a photo:

Bunny is done - 19.09.2012

And, of course, Snoopy had to have his picture taken with the new guy, too:

Snoopy checking out the bunny - 19.09.2012


FINISHED – Utsukusshi 16/09/2012

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Woohoo, finishethey first shawl out of handspun yarn 🙂 it turned out very light and pretty 🙂

Utsukushii is done - 16.09.2012

I tired to get a photo of it with Snoopy, but it did not work out that well, so here is Snoopy (with a little of the shawl in the background)

Snoopy and Utsukushii - 16.09.2012


WIP – XS bunny

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Finally, after weeks of not stitching, I picked up my little bunny again. I was planing on stitching a bunny pattern by fellow raveler vilje, but figured I need to finish this one first. Naturally, half the floss went missing in action so I need to look around in my craft room soon 🙂

XS bunny in progress


Snoopy’s 6th Birthday :) 13/09/2012

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Today’s Snoopy’s 6th birthday. He celebrated in style, by reading his in carrot peels written birthday greeting 🙂 I think he absolutely adored it 🙂

Snoopy's 6th birthday :-)


He gave us a scare earlier this week, when he refused to eat breakfast one day and ate only half of it. He is doing great now again and eating like food there will be nothing left tomorrow 😉



Hoppy Easter 08/04/2012

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Snoopy, hubby and I wish you all a hoppy Easter.

Yummy - 08.04.2012

Easter    Easter    Easter    Easter


Easter Nail Art 2012 06/04/2012

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I have not shown any nail art in a while – in fact I have not even posted on here. Sorry guys. I have not done much crafting lately and have been pretty busy also.

A year or so ago, I read about how you can transfer letters from newspapers onto your nail by using alcohol. I tried it out back then and it did work. Now with Easter here, I wondered if I can transfer print outs as well. And guess what, it works! It’s not as easy as newspaper and I had to try it at least a dozen times because everything needs to be done with perfect timing or it does not work .. but I finally was able to do it well enough to keep it 🙂

Here is the big pic with Snoopy on the thump, some flowers and Easter eggs on the other fingers.

The whole set - 06.04.2012

Easter Nails with Snoopy - 06.04.2012           Another Angle - 06.04.2012          Same look on his face as the nail art - 06.04.2012